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4-inch iPhone all but confirmed

by on17 May 2012

Screens already in production

For months we’ve been hearing that Apple will use a 4-inch or larger screen on the new iPhone.

Well, now the rumours are all but confirmed thanks to Reuters, citing unnamed sources close to the display industry. One of the sources confirmed that the new screen will measure 4 inches “from corner to corner” and the new screens are said to be in early production.

LG Display, Sharp and Japan Display are tapped as suppliers and the new screen should offer a 30 percent increase in the viewing area. Of course, if Apple plans to stick to Retina class displays, we should see a similar bump in resolution. Apple doesn’t seem too keen to go for 16:9 or 16:10 screens, but we are still not sure about the resolution, 1280xsomething is our best guess.

With an increasing number of Android phone makers going for 720p screens, and pretty large ones at that, the move to a 4-incher on the iPhone is hardly surprising. However, it will be interesting to see how long it will take fanboys, who always complained that 4-inch Android phones were too big, to start praising the new toy.

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