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Apple declares war on Darwin

by on16 May 2012

Attempting to save its users from Natural Selection

Apple is doing its best to save its users from Darwin's natural selection. Jobs' Mob has the problem that Darwin's rules of survival of the fittest are stacked against its users which are not the brightest of bulbs and not likely to breed.

Lately Apple has been working out new ways to keep its users alive long enough so that they can breed. One of the problems is that Apple fans have a tendency to play with their shiny toys while they are driving. This results in them being killed in accidents while adjusting their Coldplay collection.

A recent filing to the US Patent and Trademark Office includes a Bluetooth-based remote control for Apple-branded devices that clips on to a car's steering wheel. The iController features an iPod-style spinning outer wheel surrounding a central button mounted on a fairly simple clip system.

Fanboys stick the iController on the steering wheel, and twist it to clamp the two arms onto the wheel. The touch-sensitive faceplate of the device can also rotate so that the face is level.

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