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Rocky & Bullwinkle and Battlezone on the way

by on15 April 2008


Xbox Live Vision Camera support for both titles

Xbox 360 owners will get the chance to purchase two new titles soon to be offered in the next round of additions to Xbox Live Arcade. A revamped version of the Atari classic Battlezone will make its debut, along with a new party game featuring cartoon characters, Rocky & Bullwinkle that will feature motion-sensing technology.

Developer Zen Studios acquired the license to take the cartoon characters Rocky & Bullwinkle off the small screen and translate them into the video game world. The Rocky & Bullwinkle title is a party-oriented game that will be unique in the fact that it will use the Xbox Live Vision camera to offer motion control in the 100 micro games that will be included in the title.

The Rocky & Bullwinkle title will retail for 800 Microsoft points, or about $10 for those of us who don’t count our money in Microsoft points. The game is being billed as a party title that is family friendly, supporting up to 12 players. The title will include other characters from the Rocky & Bullwinkle cartoon series that ran in the 1960s.

Battlezone, which was an Atari classic, has been enhanced for release in this Xbox Live Arcade version by Stainless Games. While Battlezone will provide all of the action that the original titles was known for, it will introduce a new spin on the title with the addition of new multi-player modes, including all of the best known multi-player classics such as DM, TDM, and CTF.

The new Battlezone for Xbox Live Arcade will also feature support for the Xbox Live Vision Camera, as well. This time the camera will be used during the game to provide another new twist to Battlezone. Unlike the original Battlezone title which was vector graphics based, Stainless has cranked up the graphics by offering a version of the game that uses textures and Shaders, rather than the dull-looking green vector graphics. For those who were fans of the vector graphics, the green-looking, no-curve graphics will be there, as well, for those who wish for a trip down memory lane.

The use of the Xbox Live Vision Camera support in this round of new Xbox Live Arcade titles is somewhat surprising, but could spell some enhanced sales of the camera for Microsoft. It remains to be seen if gamers will flock to titles like this that take advantage of the Xbox Live Vision Camera and whether these are titles that support it and are something that 360 players are looking for.

The idea of breaking new ground by developers through the use of the Xbox Live Vision Camera is something fresh that gives the camera more use. It will be interesting to see how players respond to this concept and whether this is the start of a trend for even more titles that will use the Xbox Live Vision Camera. It could be a banner development for Microsoft which will most certainly be able to rake in lots of cash for a relatively cheap peripheral to produce.

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