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Activision cuts $42 million to MW2 staff

by on16 May 2012

Trial will still continue as staffers chase rest

Former Infinity Ward staffers who worked on Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 will be a little richer, with news that Activision has cut loose $42 million dollars to these employees to cover bonuses that were owed to the group. This amount comes on top of the $22 million that has already been paid as part of the launch bonuses owed.

Still, even with this paid, the trial will continue; this group of Infinity Ward employees believes that they are owed more, according to sources. Neither West nor Zampella were among those that received any payment from Activision.

The feud between West/Zampella and Activision labors on, with the first live round expected when the trial starts on May 29th. It is expected that a lot of dirty laundry will be aired on both sides when the trial starts, according to sources we have spoken with. Most folks love to see a good fight, and this one should provide more than enough fodder for the theatrical side as we watch the trial play out. 

The latest news is that Activision is asking for a 30-day delay while its new lawyer addition, Beth Wilkinson, gets up to speed on the case.  She will have her hands full, we predict.

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