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Galaxy III hits Austria 3 at 0 euro

by on12 May 2012

With 24-month 40 euro plan

Austria is a proud European country known for its very inexpensive mobile communications and competition is fearsome in this market. Also, Mozart.

This is why as of end of the May when Samsung’s new Galaxy S III hits the stores, 3 (Drei) telecom will offer this phone for free for a 40-euro-a-month plan.

The will offer both the blue and white version with 16GB of storage and for 40 euro a month they are willing to throw in 3,000 minutes of talk time nationwide, an additional 3,000 minutes with folks in your network, 1,000 text messages and unlimited internet.

The unlimited internet works at full speed (should be up to 21Mbit a second) up to 6GB and after that it slows down to 64KB/s. In case you in Austria and you keen to get this sort of plan with a free phone you can go here.

Austria often serves as a lesson for other countries, proving that consumers can get high-end phones for free, under a modestly priced plan. US telecoms always want at least $199 for a high-end phone plus a two year contract, more often than not, a pricey contract.

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