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EU to introduce new roaming cap

by on11 May 2012

Just in time for the continent to go broke

Good news for consumers in Euroland. The European Union is planning to introduce new roaming caps on July 1.

The move will force telecoms to cut their roaming charges by as much as two thirds, which sounds perfect given the state of many European economies, especially the ones with nice beaches and good red wine.

Out of a total of 750 members of European Parliament 578 voted for the cap, with just 10 voting against. Under the new cap roaming costs will drop from 35 cents to 29 cents in July and 19 cents in 2014, if the EU does not dissolve by then.

Fudzilla is not headquartered in the EU, so if you still feel like getting ripped off on roaming charges post-July, feel free to visit. We might not have the best beaches in Europe, but our five-star all-inclusive minefields make up for it.

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