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Internet Explorer headed to Xbox 360?

by on11 May 2012

Rumors suggest Kinect-enabled browsing

A number of sources are telling us what can only be described as a massive reversal from previous Microsoft positions of the past; the company is planning on bringing Internet browsing to the Xbox 360 platform, and the modified version of Internet Explorer for the Xbox 360 is already in testing.

If the rumors are correct, Microsoft is expected to announce that they will be releasing a version of Internet Explorer for the Xbox 360 platform that will include Kinect-controlled integration into the browsing experience. While users will not have to have Kinect to be able to use the IE on the Xbox 360, but in order to take advantage of gestural input and use the Bing voice recognition, Kinect will of course be required.

While Microsoft has been successful at adding support for applications such as Facebook and Twitter to the Xbox 360 and integrating them into the Xbox 360 experience, Microsoft has been reluctant in the past to bring a browser to the platform despite the cries from Xbox 360 owners who have wanted a browser on the Xbox 360 for a long time.

With multiple sources coming to us with this information and web site The Verge seemingly being first to out the story, we have to think that there has to be something to what is being said. While a reversal in course is not uncommon for Microsoft, with browsers showing up on a number of other devices such as televisions, Microsoft may feel pressured to respond by releasing a browser of its own.

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