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AMD to introduce new embedded APUs

by on10 May 2012

35W R-series parts outpace Sandy Bridge in GPU tests

AMD is gearing up to introduce Trinity next week and it seems it will also throw a few embedded parts in the mix.

We must point out that we don’t keep a close eye on the embedded market, mainly because you, or dear readers, simply don’t care about it. However, this time around AMD has revealed some interesting graphics performance figures.

AMD compared its new R-464L and R-272F parts to similar Sandy Bridge chips and it came out on top in terms of GPU muscle. The R-464L and R-272F are 35W parts, yet they outperform the 45W Core i7-2720QE by a wide margin in 3Dmark. The R-464L delivers twice the performance of the Core i7, while the R-272F is 45 percent faster. Both APUs also left the 35W Core i5-2520M and Core i3-2310M in the dust.

AMD has not released the exact specs or feature set for the new R-series parts. However, CPU World has learned that the R-464L is a 2.3GHz quad-core with HD 7660G graphics and it is pretty close to the A10-4600M in terms of performance.

Trinity seems able to run circles around Sandy Brige, with HD 3000 graphics, and it should also end up quite a bit faster than Ivy Bridge parts in the graphics department.

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