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Micron plans DDR4 memory

by on09 May 2012

Starts shipping samples

Micron says that that DDR4 memory  will be with us next year, and that the company has started shipping samples.

The new DDR4 memory is more power-efficient and faster than the current DDR3 memory, which is found in most new computers. New forms of DDR memory first make it into servers and desktops, and then into laptops. Micron wants DDR4 memory to be used in portable devices like tablets, which currently uses forms of low-power DDR3 and DDR2 memory.

DDR4 memory units draw less power, starting at 1.2 volts compared to 1.5 volts for DDR3. The DRAM will also transfer data at a brisker pace, with bus speeds starting at 2133MHz. The new memory has also been redesigned to process read, write and refresh more efficiently. Faster throughput helps improve application performance and get information to storage faster.

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