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Google gets licence to drive without a driver

by on08 May 2012

What could possibly go wrong

The Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles has given the thumbs up for Google to get a license to test autonomous vehicles on the state’s roads. The state had approved such laws back in February, and has now begun issuing licenses based on those regulations.

The state ruled that outfits that want to test driverless cars need an insurance bond of $1 million and must provide detailed outlines of where they plan to test it and under what conditions. Ironically the car must have two people in it at all times, with one behind the wheel who can take control of the vehicle if needed, which we would have thought defeated the point.

The Autonomous Review Committee of the Nevada DMV have approved  licence plates to go with it, complete with a red background and infinity symbol. The unique red plate will be easily recognized by the public and law enforcement and will be used only for licensed autonomous test vehicles.

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