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Netbook shipments continue to fall

by on03 May 2012

In other news someone is still shipping them

Netbook shipments have fallen by 34 percent from last year and now only make up five percent of global PC shipments.

Beancounters at Canalys said that figure has fallen dramatically from 13 percent of the market Netbooks had two years ago. The company said that netbook shipments were about 34 percent lower during the first quarter of 2012 than the same period in 2011.

What is surprising is that a few years ago everyone was predicting the death of the netbook and yet it is still here. Part of the reason is that they are still pretty cheap. You can pick one up for less than $300. What is interesting is that their death seems not to have come from the consumers who still want them for price and their portability. Instead it is more manufactures that want them dead because pricier computers have higher profit margins.

Names like Dell, Linux PC builders System76 and ZaReason have stopped selling netbooks. Others have released designs but not bought them to market. Netbooks are being seen as proof that there was demand for low cost ultraportable laptops with long battery life. But in fact they are not bad on their own.

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