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Sony to move move away from free online

by on03 May 2012

Is looking at tiered PlayStation Plus as the answer

Sony has apparently been considering its continued move away from free online play and more toward its PlayStation Plus membership product. The move comes as costs continue to increase to run the online services, and Sony is leaving a lot of money on the table by not charging (as Microsoft does) for access to Xbox Live Gold.

To this end Sony recently sent out a survey asking PlayStation owners to detail what they believe the perfect PlayStation Plus package would be, how much they would be willing to pay for that subscription, and what Sony should include as part of PlayStation Plus in their perfect package.

While Sony is not yet ready to announce anything specific, we do believe that the company is going to move more toward a pay model offering two tiers of membership. While some things will continue be free, a lot of other content will be moving to pay tiers. It is simply what the future will be, sources tell us.

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