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Nintendo to talk Wii U at E3

by on30 April 2012

Will not confirm price or release date

Nintendo is now making everyone aware of what they have planned for E3. In an effort to at least temper expectations, they are letting everyone know right from the get-go that they have no plans to announce what the sales price of the unit will be or when the exact release date of the unit will be. They plan to announce the price and the release date at a later time that is much closer to the actual release of the Wii U.

What Nintendo will be showcasing at E3 is the actual final format of the unit. They plan to talk more about the specifics of the unit and what we can expect when it does arrive. In addition, they will be announcing at least the majority of the launch titles for the Wii U, plus a small glimpse of what other developers have planned for the release in the months ahead after the unit is released.

A number of developers that we have spoken with tell us that they are still not ‘all in’ on the Wii U yet. For most developers, they want to see what the sales performance of the console looks like after release before they decide at what level they will invest in supporting the Wii U with titles of ports of previous/upcoming titles.

As one developer tells us, “There are just still too many unknowns for us to get fully committed to bringing everything we develop out for the Wii U. We need to know more about the makeup of the Wii U buyer before we would even think about bringing our “M” titles to the unit, as “M” rated titles didn’t do well on the Wii, and we lost a lot of money developing Mature titles for the Wii platform and can’t afford to do that again.” Other developers suggested, however, that they will be watching Nintendo with great interest at E3.

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