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German teens prefer smartphones to TV, alcohol and sex

by on26 April 2012

Sweet zombie Jesus

Teens have a lot on their minds – school, peer pressure, romance, sports, music, parents and the horror of back-to-back reality shows. However, German teens seem to have rather interesting priorities.

According to a survey carried out in March on 600 youths aged 14 to 19, most German teens would rather go a week without TV, sex or alcohol than without their phones. A whopping 88 percent said they would spend a week without drinking, while 65 and 60 percent said they could do without TV and sex. However, just 46 percent said they would give up their phones, while just 15 percent said they could do without their mates.

So here’s a tip parents, if you don’t want your precious little snowflakes to drink themselves senseless, go about town having casual sex or watch uneducated sluts on TV, [Surely you don’t mean Fox News. Ed] just get them a new phone every once in a while. It will keep them busy.

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