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EU vs AT&T HTC One X test video

by on25 April 2012

Tegra 3 vs S4 8960 in Antutu

We came across a video of what appears to be the first benchmark of two HTC One X phones, the showdown of US and Euro versions.

The difference between AT&T HTC ONE X and European HTC One X is the CPU as the American version uses Qualcomm’s Snapdragon S4 8960, a 28nm dual-core CPU with LTE on board, while European version of the phone uses Nvidia’s quad-core (or four plus one) Tegra 3 processor and with no LTE, although the phone is capable of hitting 42Mbit a sec.

The benchmark of choice was AnTutu and we noticed that the European version ran an older, slower version of the software known as 1.26. It scored  9713, while the AT&T HTC ONE X with S4 processor managed 5640.
Yes, Antutu is kind to multicore chips and you can see the difference. The quad-core also came out on top in our own tests,

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