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Companies starting hire IT professionals again

by on24 April 2012

Particularly in financial and public sectors

Companies are starting to hire IT professionals after refusing to do so because of the recession and nerves about things getting worse.

According to most of the new jobs are being created in the financial and public  sectors.  Job vacancies have increased in these sectors for the first time since 2008. While the financial sector has always maintained a requirement for IT professionals with security skills, a move by many high street banks to launch apps, mobile optimised sites and pay-by-mobile services such as Barclays’ ‘Pingit’ appear to have only further enhanced this sector’s requirement to make sure backend technology infrastructure is water tight. 

Public sector vacancies have also seen a return to growth, up 3 per cent in the first quarter of 2012, following a string of tumbling figures since 2010. Richard Nott, Website Director, CWJobs said businesses needed to digitise their operations because it is more efficient and it’s what their customers are demanding, especially in the finance sector. 

The industry has been relatively slow to adopt, most likely due to considerations around security – however these figures demonstrate that financial companies are now making their move in the digital sphere. Findings indicate that the number of IT roles posted overall in the last quarter were up 5 per cent, with roles for software developers in particular making up 41 per cent of this increase.  The increased demand for IT pros that meet this specification has caused greater competition amongst the industry, driving the average salary for developers up four per cent.

SQL is the most sought after skill at with specialised software skills such as C# and .Net, generally required to suit a particularly business sector, also seeing an increase.

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