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Google Drive coming today

by on24 April 2012

Up to 100GB for paid accounts

Google is expected to unveil its new Google Drive cloud storage service today and Reuters managed to find out a few juicy details.

The free service will offer 5GB of storage, but consumers who are willing to go for paid accounts will be able to get up to 100GB of G-branded cloud storage. However, there is still no word on pricing. Dropbox currently charges $9.99 a month for 50GB and $19.99 for 100GB. With referral bonuses, users can also get an additional 32GB on top of these paid accounts. Box offers 50GB of free storage, but it also comes with several crippling limitations.

Google is also expected to integrate other services in the package, such as advanced search engine or support for online editing. We can only guess how Google plans to integrate Google Drive in Android. If it does a good job, Google Drive could become a very popular service indeed. 

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