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1.50 Update Public Beta for 2142 Upcoming

by on10 April 2008


DICE has not forgotten about 2142

A surprising shock wave went through the Battlefield community today with an unexpected announcement that DICE is working on an update for Battlefield 2142 that is going to be more than a collection of patches and fixes.

According to the short announcement post, DICE has been working hard to deal with the cheats and the server issues, and they have been listening to the community, as well.  DICE claims that the 1.50 update will be a “significant update that will bring new content and experiences to 2142.”

According to the short announcement post, DICE plans to release the 1.50 update in a public beta format similar to the way that it did with the 1.40 update that was the last released update. DICE says that we can expect an announcement soon, with more details explaining the new content that will be targeted for the 1.50 update.

The decision to release more than a final patch for Battlefield 2142 is quite puzzling to many who have been avid fans of the Battlefield franchise. Many players of 2142 have moved on to other games, so it will be interesting to see how much attention DICE can attract with new content for a game that many had thought that DICE was winding down. Rest assured that we will be monitoring this for additional developments.

Last modified on 10 April 2008
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