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Brink not as much of a failure as thought

by on23 April 2012

Over 2.5 million copies sold, says Splash Damage

Many had little love for the release of Brink from Splash Damage and painted the release of the game as a failure that didn’t meet its goals for the title. That apparently didn’t stop developer Splash Damage from moving over 2.5+ million copies of the game. This is not a small number, by anyone’s method of accounting.

For a game that got panned in the reviews and players didn’t latch onto it immediately, the game has been able to develop a steady following; and with the game being sold at a discount, the user community for the game continues to grow.

Of course, even at 2.5 million copies sold, Splash Damage will not see much of a profit on the title because they are not the publisher of the actual title; the publisher makes the lion’s share of the profit, and that is why the company is changing its business model.

The company is moving toward a Warchest, which is its own publishing house that will handle the publishing and distribution of future Splash Damage titles. In addition, the company has also founded “Fireteam,” which handle the game’s associated online services. And, the company will be moving toward some free-to-play releases, as well as those with a micro-transaction model.

As for the future of Brink, it is difficult to say what it might hold. Besides some DLC that has already been released, sources tell us not to count on a Brink sequel soon, but that does not mean it is never going to happen. Right now we will have to just wait and see what happens.

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