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Server files finally released for FFOW

by on10 April 2008


After a long wait the release is at hand

Many players of the Kaos Studio title, Frontlines Fuel of War, let out a big cheer as the dedicated server files for the PC version of the game have finally been released. While the title has struggled to pick up all the steam that it could, many in the community blame the slow release of the dedicated server files as one of the major reasons why the title has been slow to gain more momentum.

Another major complaint since release of FFOW is the fact that the number of servers available to play on has been limited. With the release of the dedicated server files today, anyone can download the 1.7GB dedicated server files and host their own FFOW server without the need for the full game, a CD key, or additional registration.

The current release of the dedicated server only supports Windows XP, Vista, or Windows Server 2003. The current release does support the latest patched version of the game, which is version 1.02.

Many in the FFOW community are hopeful that the release of the dedicated server files along with the upcoming 1.03 patch will help revive FFOW a bit, since the number of players that are playing the game seems to be on decline; and players continue to complain about issues with the game as well as a lack of servers and players to play with.

You can download the dedicated server files by clicking here.

Last modified on 10 April 2008
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