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Toshiba told off for security breach

by on19 April 2012

Flaw in website

Security flaw in a Toshiba Information Systems competition website meant that entrant details were told to the world.

Toshiba has been given a slap on the wrist by the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), following a data spillage. On September 2011, a concerned member of the public contacted the ICO and informed the body that some data pertaining to those registered for the competition was accessible.

Personal details of 20 entrants were compromised in a security flaw on the site. The details were names, addresses and dates of birth, along with other contact information. The ICO investigated and found that Toshiba's security measures weren't thorough enough, and hence, didn't detect the vulnerability.

It was not quite Toshiba's fault as the site had been developed by a third party. Toshiba was not fined and promised it will not happen again.

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