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Cyberlink's PowerDVD 8 goes Blu-ray exclusive

by on09 April 2008


No more HD-DVD support


A few days ago, we wrote about Cyberlink's announcement of the new PowerDVD, version 8. As you may have noticed that neither the press release nor the PowerDVD box has anything to do with HD-DVD. It's all about the Blu-ray now and Cyberlink is just going with the flow.

We can confirm that the new PowerDVD will not support HD DVD. As Toshiba finally gave up on the format, Cyberlink apparently decided it is best to shift more resources to Blu-ray support so that the new PowerDVD will be even better than its predecessors.

As for the early adopters of the HD DVD format, there is always DVD Suite v6 Ultra and the programs packed within, as we doubt that support for those existing products will soon come to an end.

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