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Apple supplier comes up with cure for Nick Farrell

by on16 April 2012

Make the iPhone bulletproof

Apparently one Apple supplier is so concerned about people trying to put a bullet through their nice shiny Apple toys that they have invented a case which prevents this heresy from happening.

A Japanese firm called Marudai has revealed a $650 case for the iPhone it claims is completely bulletproof and thus removes the satisfaction from those who what to blow the gear's silicon brains out. The bulletproof case features an inch thick slab of steel plating the firm claims can resist a .50 caliber round, which means that anyone wanting to make a clean kill on an iPhone will need to use armour piercing rounds. Difficult, but not impossible. If you can find yourself a decent tungsten carbide or depleted uranium penetrator you can also take out the iPhone and the user, which is always an added bonus. HEAT and HESH rounds are also an option if you want to go retro.

The bullet proofing is not that useful, apart from costing an arm and a leg it  only the back of your handset is protected.  Which means you have to stick the iPhone with the armour outwards.  This would mean that if I wanted to shoot the iphone I would have to approach the iPhone user from behind and shoot them in the back.  With a bit of luck the armour would cause the bullet to richochet back into the fanboy [You have thought about this too much. ed]

The front of the $650 case is made from a thin sheet of aluminum, while the bulletproof back is made from heavy-duty steel, and has a hole for the camera lens drilled in The front of the camera is protected by a thin sheet of aluminum, although the firm has thoughtfully made both white and black versions available.

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