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Haswell 2013 chipset has 50 percent lower power consumption

by on12 April 2012

Lynx Point 25 percent lower TDP

Not only will Haswell get better and Shark Bay 2013 platform will bring better notebook CPUs, but we should also see some power optimization on the chipset side as well.

Intel has shared some new details with its notebook partners indicating that Lynx Point, a chipset that matches Haswell CPUs in Shark Bay 2013 platform, has a significantly improved power profile. You should expect 25 percent lower TDP and 50 percent lower average power than Panther Point chipset of Chief River 2012.

A word of warning - these are just projected numbers as the chipset has not yet been tested. Remember, Shark Bay is expected in 1H 2013 probably a year from late April 2012 when Chief River, Ivy Bridge 2012 notebook platform hits the market.

Naturally this means that even 2-chip Shark Bay platform ends up significantly cooler than Chief River 2011 platform. The future looks good for users in need of very long battery life and this also means that vendors will be able to come up with even thinner and lighter devices.

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