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Ivy Bridge notebook i7 comes with three SKUs

by on10 April 2012

All Core i7, late April

When it comes to the mobile market, we already said that you will see quad-core Ivy Bridge chips about a month before Intel launches its dual-core 22nm parts. They are expected to be available after April 29th (Sunday) while the reviews should show up on April 23rd.

The launch starts with three quad-cores, all Core i7 branded with and the flagship is the Core i7 3920XM. This CPU replaces current market leader Core i7 2960XM clocked at 2.7GHz and turbo capability to 3.7GHz single core, 3.6GHz dual core and 3.4GHz all four cores. It is a Sandy Bridge 32nm based quad-core CPU with HD 3000 graphics and 55W TDP.

The new Core i7 3920XM is again a quad-core with eight threads with 2.9GHz start clock and end of the turbo line at 3.8GHz for a single core, 3.7GHz for two cores and 3.6GHz for all four cores. Intel has managed to increase a clock speed at the same 55W TDP, quite a lot for a mobile CPU, but still ok considering the performance you are getting. Of course with such CPU inside of your notebook, you cannot expect much long battery life.

The Core i7 3920XM has Intel HD 4000 graphics clocked at 650MHz or default and 1300 MHz with its maximum frequency for GPU and the DDR3 and DDR3L work up to 1600MHz, at least officially. The runner up is Core i7 3820QM with the same spec but 2.7GHz basic clock and 3.7GHz turbo for a single core, 3.6GHz for dual and 3.5GHz for quad. The slowest of them three is Core i7 3720QM with 2.6GHz basic clock, 3.6GHz single core turbo, 3.5GHz dual core turbo and 3.4GHz quad core maximal clock. The HD 4000 graphics core maximal speed is 1250MHz for two runner ups and they both share 45W TDP. The rest of the spec is identical to the fastest one.

At some point in late May Intel will continue deployment of Core i7 and Core i5 branded dual cores with 35W TDP, as well as low voltage and ultra-low voltage 25 and 17W dual cores. Have in mind that late May launch can easily turn to early June (Computex) shipping.

Last modified on 10 April 2012
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