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Vishera 8, 6 and 4 cores in Q3

by on09 April 2012

No clocks yet

AMD’s current plans call for the replacement of Zambezi cores and the Scorpius platform by the new Volan plaform and new Vishera cores in Q3 2012. It looks like AMD can meet this schedule but at this point we could not find out the exact clock speeds.

We did find out that there are three CPU versions coming in mid Q3 2012, the eight core AMD FX 8350, the six core Amd FX 6300 and a quad core AMD FX 4320. The eight-core version is expected to get to engineering sample in early Q2, so any day now, it should move to production candidate sample stage in early Q3 2012 and get to production ready and production status in Q3 2012. The launch date is yet to be decided, but this all depends on the product readiness in Q3 2012. If all goes well earliest you see Volan platform AM3+ and Vishera processors is Q3 with a possibly unlikely scenario to launch them in Q4 2012.

Eight, six and quad-core Vishera come with enhanced AMD turbo core, DDR 3 1866 support and AM3+ socket. They are naturally a 32nm SOI based porocessors manufactured in Globalfoundries Dresden Fab 1, the fab that now has plenty of experience with 32nm processors. The bad part is that Vishera has to fight with 22nm Ivy Bridge and at some point server version of Ivy Bridge E, meant for enthusiast market. But don’t worry about AMD too much, the Texas-based company will definitely have a price advantage.

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