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Microsoft wants to boost the music video

by on09 April 2012

32 year technology gets HTML 5

While MTV appears to have given up on music videos and has moved into peddling reality shows and spoiled brats showing you around their parent's home, Microsoft has decided that there is life in the old technology.

Microsoft has created an HTML5-enhanced, customized video from popular beat combo star  Jasmine Villegas to remix her Villegas' "Just a Friend" for IE9. Microsoft's Ryan Gavin, general manager of IE said that Internet Explorer 9 with hardware acceleration coupled with the proliferation of social media means artists have new and exciting ways to connect with their fans through the web.

For example it is possible to connect Villegas' video to your Facebook account so that your photos show up in the video on her bulletin board, while your name appears on her phone and on the scoreboard during a bowling alley scene. The video also has a "choose your own adventure" component that allows you to tell Villegas to her boyfriend's cheating ways and push him into a pool later.

Well it is better than most of MTV's entertainment  at least. At the end you can type in your phone number to receive a pre-recorded call from Villegas.

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