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Gears of War: Exile is dead

by on09 April 2012

Will not tell what the project was

Back in January of 2011 or thereabout, you might remember hearing news of Epic filing for a trademark for something known as “Gears of War: Exile.” At one point, Cliff Blezinski even confirmed the existence of such a project, but he would not say exactly what that project was.

Sources at the time seemed confident that the Exile project was to be a Gears of War title that used Kinect. It was thought to be among the “hardcore” titles that Microsoft was trying to promote for the Kinect experience.

We now learn that Gears of War: Exile has been cancelled, and there is no additional information about the project, title, or what might have been going to be released. So, other than knowing that the trademark exists, Epic is apparently not going to tell us anything more about what they might have been planning for this title.

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