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Google tablet could be pushed back to July

by on06 April 2012

Trying to make it a bit cheaper

According to The Verge, Google’s upcoming tablet could be delayed and it will appear in July at the earliest.

The original plan called for launch sometime in May and a few weeks ago we were told that the tablet was already in production. However, Google is apparently trying to tweak the design in an effort to shave a few bucks off the retail price.

Contrary to some reports, the tablet will not feature a dual-core Qualcomm chip and it will not cost $149 to $199. As we said earlier, it is indeed a Tegra 3 device and the price target is $199. It sounded ambitious and the delay seems to prove that it was. The Asus MeMo 370T, which the new tablet is based on, was supposed to sell for $249 and it seems the delay was caused by trying to slash the $50 price difference.

Even at $249 the new tablet would be competitive, but at $199 or even close, it would stand a much better chance against the $199 Kindle, thanks to a much beefier spec.

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