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Intel throws more money at Ultrabooks

by on05 April 2012

New marketing campaign launched

Intel has already spent millions on Ultrabook market development and technical programs aimed to make the new platform more profitable for vendors and now it is taking the plunge with a costly worldwide marketing campaign.

It is Intel’s biggest marketing campaign in a decade and it spans all forms of media, from traditional print to the internets. The aim of the campaign is simple, to depict non-ultrabooks as chubby relics of a bygone era. Of course, this should not be much of a problem, as ultrabooks really are the next step in notebook evolution.

The downside? Well, ultrabooks are still rather pricey compared to run of the mill notebooks, but they do offer better value for money than wafer thin MacBook Airs. Fortunately prices are expected to go down and go down fast. Intel is hoping to hit a $699 entry level price point by the end of the year.

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