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Users raining on Apple's iCloud

by on05 April 2012

Not living up to billing

Apple's iCloud is not meeting customers expectations that it is going to be be cure for cancer. 

The Sydney Morning Herald, which is normally a pro-Apple rag has had to admit that the iCloud really is rubbish after it made several hundred of its contacts apparently disappear from our iPhone. After depending on the backup, needless to say the newspaper was disappointed.

Apparently this happens a lot, as the newspaper found out when it went onto one of Apple's online discussion threads. he Apple iCloud has also mangled Outlook 2007 data. All this is proving problematic for Jobs Mob as it tries to sell its product for those who are new to the concept but thought that buying an iPad was a good idea.

In our view asking Apple to do something connected to networking is like asking an elephant to play backgammon. The outfit has never been able to do networking and most of its problems for the last decade have been network related.  Asking Apple to plug people into a cloud is just dumb.

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