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Intel bails out Apple again

by on05 April 2012

Helping in the fight against Samsung

Chipzilla and Qualcomm are bailing out Apple by providing its lawyers code that proves that the Jobs' Mob is not infringing patents of Samsung Electronics.

The information came to like during a trial in Australia. Andrew Fox, Apple's lawyer, said at a hearing told the Sydney hearing that Apple lawyers in the United States have inspected the code, and Intel and Qualcomm have agreed to provide it.

According to SF Gate Apple and Samsung are preparing for the start of a trial in which the companies accuse each other of infringing patents. They have filed at least 30 suits on four continents against each other. At this point it is not clear what the information is, or how it helps. But Vole also has a vested interest in Apple winning its cases against Samsung.

Android is the top selling operating system and if Apple wins its cases against Samsung then the whole lot could be banned.  This would lead the way for Microsoft's Windows 8 to walk in as the alternative to Jobs' Mob and prevent either proprietary outfit being accused of anti-trust behavior.

Apple started the fight because Steve Jobs claimed that Google's Android stole his ideas and he pledged his company's fortune to bring the operating system down. Now he has dead, his followers are continuing the war with mixed success.  Attempts to get injunctions against Android gear have largely failed.

Last modified on 05 April 2012
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