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Alcatel wins big against Microsoft

by on08 April 2008


Patent infringement found by court

In a jury trial that concluded last week, the jury found that Microsoft had violated two Alcatel-Lucent patents as part of its user interface in its Windows OS. Alcatel-Lucent won on two of the patent infringement counts. 

It was originally seeking $1.5 billion in damages for patent infringement claims. The jury awarded Alcatel-Lucent $367.4 million for two patent infringement claims. The third claim relating to Alcatel’s video decoding technology patent was found by the jury to be non-infringing by Microsoft, and the fourth patent claim was asserted against Dell, and the jury found no infringement of this claim by Microsoft.

Microsoft said that it would appeal and seek to have the verdict overturned.

Last modified on 08 April 2008
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