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AMD wants more server market share

by on04 April 2012

Looking for a guy to get it

The recent story about Pat Patla’s departure from AMD has an update. The main motive behind the move is the fact that AMD wants to get back more server market share.

In the best days of Opteron AMD had a steady double digit server market share and now it has some 5.5 percent of the market. With ARM entering the server market things are going to get even more complicated.

Intel has quite good processors including Ivy Bridge and Haswell both in 22nm coming in 2012 and 2013 and AMD has Abu Dhabi, Seoul and Delhi. Abu Dhabi comes as 4/8 or 16 Piledriver cores and has quad DDR3 memory support.

Seoul is 6/8 Piledriver cores and dual-channel DDR3 while Delhi is 4/8 Piledriver cores with dual DDR3 memory support. AMD needs to gain more market and 32nm transition that started late last year will help. It will be interesting to see the new leaders of this division and can AMD make a big progress with SeaMicro that can help AMD in the cloud micro server market.

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