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Microsoft IE regains market share

by on02 April 2012

Proves Firefox is turning to *beep*

Pinch me, please. Microsoft’s Internet Explorer is regaining ground, after constantly losing share for years.

IE usage in March hit 53.8 percent, up from 52.8 percent in February. Firefox shed 0.3 percent, down from 20.9 to 20.6 percent and even Google’s Chrome slid from 18.9 percent to 18.6 percent. Safari also saw a slight drop from 5.2 to 5.1 percent. The results are not too surprising, Firefox has been on the defensive for quite a while and it is facing strong competition from Chrome.

Apple made up for the poor showing in the mobile browser usage share. Safari dominates the mobile market with a 61.2 percent share, while Android and Opera come away with 18.3 and 15.4 percent respectively. The overall share of mobile browsers is also on the rise, which comes as no surprise given the tablet hype and booming smartphone sales.

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