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Creative in boiling water

by on04 April 2008


Because hot water doesn’t paint the picture


It’s been a couple of days since Creative has started putting a bad face on their company (although some might argue that it’s been going on for years now). However, we personally have never seen such an outrage toward the company shown by its most loyal customers.

Their forums are bursting with numerous disgruntled customers who claim they’ll never do business with the company again. A lot of them list an impressive number of soundcards that they’ve bought from Creative through the years, as far back as the original 8bit ISA Sound Blaster. A Website www.boycottcreative.com was also started, probably by the same customers.

Many forum users praise Daniel_K as a savior, as opposed to the company that should have taken on that role, and was legally obliged to do so. Instead, the company has the nerve to announce the X-Fi2 launch, without making X-Fi run properly in Vista. Of course, X-Fi2 will also feature a Vista Compatible sticker, just as its predecessor did.

It’s a well known fact that companies like ATI and Nvidia support their older products, and since Creative failed in that department, too, Creative’s (former) customers made sure to point that out several times. Well, when they’re right, they’re right, but it is unlikely that the company will go bankrupt because of just one man who just tried to help. Still, if Creative keeps walking this path, anything might happen.

Last modified on 04 April 2008
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