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Apple publishes findings on Foxconn factories

by on22 March 2012


Working conditions have improved

The fruity maker of everything overpriced has published fresh information on working conditions in several factories that have the misfortune of making Apple gear.

Fair Labor Association (FLA) launched the investigation of Apple’s supply chain back on February 13. It included data on more than 500,000 workers, including those in Foxconn’s already notorious facilities in China.

The FLA probe showed “improvement” in compliance with Apple's Supplier Code of Conduct. The latter claims that work weeks are restricted to 60 hours with overtime and workers will get a day off at least every seven days. The compliance improved from 84 percent in January 2012 to 89 percent in February 2012. We hate to think what happened to those that didn’t make the stats, but hey – it’s the letters that matter nowadays – people seem to be simply too expendable.

It is said that Apple’s workers worked an average of 48 hours per week in February. This coincides with the busiest month when it comes to making the new iPad.

Apple seems to have taken this matter quite seriously and expectedly so. While the company’s discontent over some recent false reports may seem righteous, we still prefer the old ‘ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure’ because let’s face it – these are human lives we are talking about and not shiny toys. [That distinction seems lost on some fanboys. Ed]

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