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Google tablet to launch in EU and US

by on20 March 2012

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Launch as soon as May

One of the biggest issues with Kindle Fire is its availability. Even today, months after the launch it is only available in the USA. Europeans cannot buy it at their local Amazon website.

Google wants to change this as we hear that Google Nexus tablet is scheduled to launch both in US and Europe. It will launch in at least a few major European markets simultaneously making it available for European customers at launch.

We are hearing that this tablet should launch in May, but you can never be quite sure in these plans. May sounds lot earlier than most people were expecting and, coupled with a good price, it looks like Google might have a winner.

Kindle fire has won over some 4 million customers in less than a quarter simply as it wasn’t too expensive for many to buy it. It’s not a Ferrari, but it is affordable and it is good enough for people getting it.

This time we really think that Google has a good shot at the tablet market. Still, although the new tablet will come from the house of Google, don’t expect it to get a quick update to Android 5 or god forbid Android 6.

Last modified on 20 March 2012
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