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Ivy Bridge graphics comparable to Llano

by on15 March 2012

But loses from Trinity in games and benchmarks

Ivy Bridge notebook and desktop chips will start to surface in late April. It all starts with quad cores on April 29th and in late May early June it expands to dual cores.

Since Anand already benchmarked Ivy Bridge desktop 3770K here, we got quite a nice glimpse of what to expect from Ivy Bridge graphics. Still, our sources are telling us that the final graphics scores will end up significantly faster, once the new launch driver gets ready.

You should expect Llano-class performance from Ivy Bridge we were told. Llano scales from HD 6370 integrated graphics all the way to the HD 6550 DirectX 11 core, and Ivy Bridge scores should come very close to this.

However, in the meantime AMD will launch Trinity, with next generation graphics that will end up with HD 7660D and HD 7580D branding in low end cores and our sources are telling us that Trinity A10, A8, A6 and A4 CPUs will beat Ivy Bridge in graphics benchmarks hands down.

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