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Dell working on business friendly Windows 8 tablet

by on12 March 2012

Sees a lot of demand for Windows 8 tablets

Dell is working on a Windows 8 tablets aimed at the business segment, which sounds a bit surprising since tablets are generally viewed as playful media devices for content consumption.

In an interview with Bloomberg TV, CEO Michael Dell said Windows 8 tablets have a lot of potential and the company expects to see a lot of demand. He argued that major businesses would be interested in Windows 8 tablets due to compatibility and the fact that they already run Windows on desktops, servers and notebooks.

“I think in particular for the business customer who has a very large installed base of Windows and the Windows ecosystem, having a secure Windows tablet that works with all the Windows applications,” he said.

Dell did not have much luck with its first tablet, the ill-fated Streak, but the new Windows 8 tablet probably won’t share anything with this halfhearted effort. There is still no word on specs or a launch timetable.

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