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Nvidia questions Apple A5X performance claims

by on08 March 2012

Show us the numbers

Nvidia is taking a swipe at Apple over its A5X performance claims. Yesterday Apple told the world+dog that its revamped SoC has four times the performance of Nvidia’s Tegra 3.

The claim was backed up with a chart, indicating that the A5 was twice as fast as Tegra 3, while the A5X wiped the floor with it and came out four times faster. However, it is unclear how Apple came up with the figures. Since Nvidia is practically betting its future on Tegra, it is understandably sensitive to such claims.

Nvidia spokesman Ken Brown said it was flattering to be called out by Apple, but he argued that the performance claims were vague to say the least. Apple did not reveal how it tested the chips, with what sort of drivers and benchmarks. He said Apple’s statement was “generic” and that clear performance figures would be available at some point.

In other words, Nvidia will probably make a few staffers stand in line for the new iPad, just so it could test it, prove that Tegra 3 isn’t pants and score a few PR points.

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