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MOH: Warfighter gets release date

by on07 March 2012

Worldwide release for October 23rd

We know that the next chapter in the new re-imagined Medal of Honor series is called Warfighter and it is scheduled for release later this year. A leaked teaser trailer that is making the rounds confirms that Medal of Honor: Warfighter is scheduled for worldwide release on October 23rd.

The new Frostbite 2-powered sequel is being developed entirely by Danger Close studios. Danger Close was responsible for the single player campaign last time, while DICE handled the multiplayer. This time, however, Danger Close will be handling both the single and multiplayer parts of the game and the game will be powered by a single engine.

The last Medal of Honor struggled a little bit, but did sell well enough to earn a sequel. EA is still hoping to build the MOH brand to help it continue to chip away at Activision’s dominance in the military FPS space. With the release of Battlefield 3, the company was able to make some progress against Activision’s Call of Duty, and EA is hoping that Warfighter will continue that trend.

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