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No plans for Sega-developed Marvel titles

by on07 March 2012

Poor sales didn’t help matters much

Marvel has confirmed that at least for the immediate future it has no plans for any Marvel games to be developed by Sega. While Marvel didn’t get into specifics, it didn’t help matters for Sega that the Marvel titles it developed didn’t sell well at all.

It also didn’t help that the games took a long time to develop and were oftentimes put on shortened development cycles in order to make movie release deadlines; it is also theorized that because the games had to mirror the movie storylines the creativity of the releases was very limited.

Activision does have an upcoming console release of a new Amazing Spider-Man title that was developed by Beenox, which does look from early previews to be poised for at least some success.  As Spider-Man has a track record of doing well, it looks to be promising.

In the meantime, Marvel has not given up on the video game tie-ins. They are going to focus on some online things, as well as some new Avengers titles that they are planning. Look for additional announcements in the weeks ahead.

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