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Oracle winning in Itanium war

by on23 February 2012

HP is losing sales

Oracle's decision to pull the plug on Itanium, which got it sued by HP, seems to have been the right one for Larry Ellison's outfit.

HP's figures show that interest in Itanium is falling faster than a team of free falling elephant skydivers which forgot to pack the key in their act. HP will say that the reason for the fall was Oracle backing away from the technology.  Oracle will say that it is because company managers want Itanium in the same way that they want the bubonic plague.

HP Chief Financial Officer Catherine Lesjak doesn’t seem to see things getting better. She said that HP will continue to see headwinds in business critical systems due to the Itanium challenges, Itanium sales would be dropping even without Oracle. The Intel servers never really caught on. Oracle claims the only reason that HP is still offering support for the chip is that Intel has offered it shedloads of cash to keep it.

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