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ISPs need more security

by on23 February 2012

FCC calls for protection from cyber attacks

ISPs should take new steps to protect subscribers against cyberattacks, the chairmam of the US telephone watchdog, the FCC has said.

Julius Genachowski called on ISPs to notify subscribers whose computers are infected with malware. ISPs need to develop a code of conduct to combat botnets and o adopt secure routing standards to protect against IP hijacking. He wants to see all of them using DNSSEC, a suite of security tools for the Internet's Domain Name System.

Genachowski warned that if ISPs don't take these steps, they will risk a backlash from subscribers who have lost trust in online commerce. He said that the cyberthreat is growing and if ISPs fail to tackle these challenges, they will pay the price in the form of diminished safety, lost privacy, lost jobs and financial vulnerability.

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