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Facebook posting from beyond the grave

by on22 February 2012

Social notworking after death

A new app has come along for Facebook addicts who might be worried about what they will do to update their pages after they snuff it.

After all how will they be able to bug their friends with endless mafia wars requests, calls to support US gun law liberalisation, stupid pictures of fairies and cute pictures of cash. This theoretically all ends when you actually die. Now there is an app which you can set up which allows you to tell your mates that you have died.

The app called If I Die allows users to pass along a written post, a video when most people are just pushing up daisies. The posts are not immediate but hit your wall after three designated Facebook friends have confirmed that you have shuffled this mortal coil. It suggests you might like to write your life story, a confession that you might not have shared before. This could include the declaration of who you would have liked to have shagged, who you did shag and wished you hadn't. Sadly being dead you can't see the replies back.

The app is the brainchild of an Israeli company, Willook, which summarizes its mission as " 'time capsule' services and products." [Life after death for no-lifers also sounds like a good description. Ed]

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