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Sony to update the PS Eye

by on22 February 2012

Could Sony be trying to Kinect?

Sony might be in the process of getting ready to offer its own version of Microsoft’s Kinect for the PlayStation 3. The new updated PS Eye is revealed in a patent that Sony filed very late in 2011. It could be nothing or it could be something; but given the success that Microsoft is having with Kinect (now that the software is starting to catch up) and Sony’s lack of success with moving the PS3, an updated PS Eye seems very possible.

From what we can see in the published patent application, the technology would be very similar to what Microsoft is doing with Kinect. Of course, it is possible that Sony could just be saving this new PS Eye update for its next console, which would be logical when you consider that Kinect will likely be a big part of Microsoft’s next console.

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