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HP to offer ARM servers in second quarter

by on21 February 2012

Energy efficient Redstone's

Maker of expensive printer ink HP will let select customers tinker with its first low-power server based on an ARM processor in the second quarter.

Computer World is reporting how early access customers will be able to start testing and benchmarking the proof-of-concept server, which will be part of a family of low-power servers being developed by HP under a new platform dubbed the Redstone Server Development Platform.

HP has high hopes for its Gen8 servers. They will use ARM based hardware and software which it thinks can deliver more value per watt of power. They are the result of a $300 million research programme, known as Project Voyager, which HP embarked upon to try to find new ways for data centres to cut costs and get home after being lost in the Alpha Quadrant without jettisoning Nelix into outer space.

The senior VP of HP's industry standard servers and Software Group, Mark Potter, said that HP wanted to develop servers that would “take care of themselves.”  We wonder if that means that they have been taking Judo lessons.
Gen8 will be replacing the Proliant G7 series that was introduced in 2010. This set will be made available in March.

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