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Circuit City goes 50% off on HD DVDs

by on31 March 2008


Ad in the Sunday paper tells the story

The Circuit City sales flyer advertises that they are moving to clear out the remaining HD DVD titles that they have in stock with a 50% off retail price sale. On the surface this seems like a good deal, but our findings indicated that the Circuit City stores in our metropolitan area didn’t even have any HD DVD titles left in stock.

While the Circuit City ad in the local Sunday paper indicated that the sale did extend to the Web site, the deals on the Web site did not appear to be as attractive. It would appear that at least on the Circuit City Web site, the titles have been marked back up to the retail price and shoppers are receiving 50% off of that price, which isn’t as good of a deal as we have seen elsewhere.

As with BestBuy, it would appear that Circuit City is looking to move all of the HD DVD titles off shelves to make room for additional Blu-ray inventory. The Circuit City stores that we visited this weekend did have both standalone Toshiba HD DVD players and HD DVD/Blu-ray combo players in stock.

While the price of the Toshiba HD DVD models that they had in stock were being sold at close-out prices, the combo players, however, were not marked down that much at all. The combo players seem to be holding stationary at prices very close to what they were before the announcement that Toshiba would be ending HD DVD support.

Online retailers, at least in the U.S., seem to still have ample inventories of many HD DVD titles and some are being sold at attractive prices, but it does seem that the big push to move the HD DVD inventories out of the online retailers has not started yet. While some online retailers have run some good sales on HD DVDs, we would suggest that the best is yet to come if you are looking for the best deals possible.

Last modified on 31 March 2008
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