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Second Medal of Honor confirmed

by on08 February 2012

Details coming at GDC press event

In a previous story, we told you that our sources were sure that Danger Close Games was already working on the next Medal of Honor title. Now, Electronic Arts is going to confirm this as fact in a press event at GDC, where they will officially announce Medal of Honor 2.

While we don’t know all of the specifics, we do expect EA will fill in the blanks at the March 6th event. The news really has not been something that EA has tried very hard to keep under wraps. A few little hints here and there have pretty much led everyone to know that it was coming.

What we don’t know is whether similar to the last one, Danger Close Games will again focus on the single player; also up in the air is whether DICE will again led its hand with the multiplayer, or if the game will use two different engines like last time. In light of the fact that we have seen other studios at EA to start to use the Frostbite 2 engine, we suspect it will be all in Frostbite 2 engine this time around.

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